A highly professional construction company

Welcome to Kontinental Engineering

We are an expert multi-disciplinary construction company working throughout South Africa, on a wide range of quality projects.

We work with the government, commercial and industrial clients and the residential sector to provide a full range of engineering and construction services.

We always serve our clients with integrity, high levels of competence and objectivity and with a focus on prioritising their needs. Because we respond entirely to your requirements – we will always establish realistic expectations of the results of our services from the outset.

On Time and On Budget

Today’s increasingly complicated construction projects mean that time and money is key. Our clients need their projects to be completed on time, within budget and to the highest levels of quality.

There are few organisations in operation that can match our breadth and depth of knowledge about construction works and construction project management

We offer you three important advantages with the services that we provide – technical competence – local knowledge and management of complexity. These three factors have helped us to thrive and grow in an ever expanding construction industry.

Capable Management

Our experience and expertise mean that our clients do not need to worry about what can go wrong, but can relax and know that every aspect is in our capable hands.

We have an innovative approach to how we execute construction contracts and we always provide value for money for our clients. Our tender strategies are unique and have delivered good results for all our clients throughout South Africa.

We are very passionate about how construction work should be executed and we ensure at all times that the quality of our end products is not compromised. With a high level of internal quality management and quality control systems we are able to deliver quality construction products at a very high standard.

We have in the past delivered quality housing projects and delivered the construction of commercial buildings. We carry out various upgrades and refurbishments for public clients, we have constructed and renovated various schools to a very high standard. We have recently completed the construction of various public transport infrastructure projects including a bus station to a very high standard.

What We Do

We always provide specialist construction services and deliver superior work on time. Our projects include:

  • Construction of private and public housing
  • Construction of factories and industrial buildings
  • Construction and refurbishment of offices and retail units
  • Construction and refurbishment of schools and hospitals
  • Construction and refurbishment of public buildings and public transport facilities
  • Construction of Civil Engineering projects
  • Roads, highways, new routes and repair and maintenance programmes


Why Choose Us?


We have been in operation throughout South Africa for many years and our depth and breadth of knowledge on construction matters and construction project management is unbeatable. With our engineering capabilities, we are able to technically support projects with high levels of complexity.

Local knowledge

We have extensive experience of both the public and private sector which has allowed us to build our local knowledge, as well as develop important local relationships and networks over the years. Our successful infrastructure projects benefit their local communities, so our in depth knowledge of local markets is a real advantage.

Managing complexity

The quality of our customer relationships is founded on our deep understanding of a wide range of different construction disciplines and our expert project management expertise which allows us to effortlessly streamline all activities together. This means that we deliver quality projects on time and within budget.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission underpin our ambitions to provide the best possible construction services for our clients.

Our vision is to be:

The leading construction company in South Africa through our passion for excellence.

And our mission is to:

Provide innovative construction and add value to the construction industry by providing quality building construction, civil engineering and property services.