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Construction Management

At Kontinental, we offer an extensive range of construction management services – ranging from the pre-construction and planning phase, through to construction, and including everything required to successfully deliver a quality project.

We have the talented personnel and scope and range of capabilities to manage most construction requirements. Because we are a medium sized firm, we are much more responsive than our larger competitors, but at the same time we have the scope and experience to ensure that all aspects of your project are fully covered.

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Our Construction Management Services

We provide a full range of construction management services to a range of private and public sector clients throughout South Africa:

Project Design and Construction Project Management

Project design is the vital first element of a project and is where the construction programme is initially scoped and the success criteria is agreed. This important stage must be completed before the project management phase gets underway, and allows all stakeholders in the project to understand its scope before commencement.

Our extensive project management skills will support the successful outcome of any project. We use our technical know-how and a range of state of the art Project Management equipment including P6 and Ms Project to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish and is completed on time and within budget.

As part of our project management capability we also offer tender planning services to ensure that the right capabilities are in place before undertaking a tender exercise. Planning this process in advance ensures effective completion of tenders when required.

Site Start-up and Site Management

For all construction and engineering projects and particularly for complicated projects – it is vitally important that a construction site is professionally organised and ready for action.

We cover all aspects of site start-up including health and safety requirements, risk assessments and site documentation, as well as making sure that insurance is in place and evacuation procedures have been determined. This is an expert job for highly experienced construction professionals and you can rely on Kontinental to manage all of your construction site requirements.

Management of Subcontractors

When managing complicated construction projects – there is usually a requirement to manage and coordinate subcontractors to work on different aspects of the project. At Kontinental we fully vet all of our subcontractors and manage their work on a strict basis – in the same way that we would manage our own personnel. We expect them to adhere to the same levels of quality and technical excellence as the rest of our personnel.

We empower the local community by ensuring that subcontractors are sourced locally and trained by a competent site agent to ensure that the end products meet the client required objectives at every level.

All our construction materials are sourced locally and we comply with the required local content rules on all of our projects whether the project is for public or private clients.

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We offer technical competence, advanced management skills and a commitment to quality and safe execution. All of our construction management services are aligned with our values which are:

  • Excellent service
  • Commitment to Health and Safety
  • Innovation in all that we do
  • Guaranteed integrity and quality

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