Professional construction services

An Expert Construction Team

The construction industry continues to grow and increase in complexity – so it is vitally important that you engage an expert and experienced team to manage your construction requirements.

At Kontinental, we provide a full range of quality construction services ranging from refurbishment through to major building projects and every project that we complete is executed with the same attention to detail regardless of the size. We are highly experienced, have detailed local knowledge of the areas where we operate and have the capability to manage even the most complicated of projects, expertly and professionally.

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Our Services

Our construction services encompass the following areas:


Construction of Buildings and Civil Engineering Infrastructure

We undertake a variety of construction projects for both private and public clients. Our services include the construction of housing projects, the construction of major commercial buildings, construction and refurbishment of health care facilities, construction of public transport infrastructures like bus stations and bridges, construction of water storage facilities like reservoirs and dams, construction of waste water infrastructure, construction of heavy civil infrastructure projects.

Clients rely on our technical competence, construction and engineering expertise and advanced planning and project management skills.

Property Services

We offer a wide range of property services to support small and large property contracts.

As well as new building construction projects, we also provide a range of property management services for residential clients as well as for landlords:

Property development

With our extensive engineering and construction expertise we manage the property development requirements for both residential and commercial clients. Our full range of services means that we are able to manage a variety of projects from start to finish, including:

  • Office buildings
  • Shops and shopping complexes
  • Residential buildings


Our team of professionals is available to undertake a wide range of refurbishment and decoration projects. We work with commercial, domestic and public sector clients on either a one-off or contract basis to manage a full range of refurbishment requirements. This can range from simple painting and decoration – to full house or building refurbishment. We also carry out maintenance requirements for various public clients.

Renovation works for private property investors

The rental market, particularly in the larger cities, continues to grow. We support large and small private landlords, as well as public sector landlords to renovate and manage properties. Sometimes this can be an investment in a single building or we can equally manage the requirements for a large residential building where a major programme of works is required. As a medium sized company, Kontinental has the right team and experience to manage all requirements from start to finish.

Repairs and maintenance

All types of property require ongoing repair and maintenance to keep them in a good state of repair, and to prevent major problems from developing.

At Kontinental we work with both commercial and residential clients to carry out a wide range of repairs and ongoing maintenance. Because we offer a one stop shop solution for all of our clients – you can rely on us to undertake major engineering works if required – or minor repairs which may take as little as a few hours to carry out.

Our team are friendly, professional and responsive and we are happy to provide highly competitive pricing with our fully managed contract services.

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Planning & Design

As a one stop shop provider, we offer a fully comprehensive planning and design service for your construction project. This service is available for all of the projects that we manage and covers preplanning, the planning and design phase, ongoing management and adherence to building regulations and approvals.

For more information – see our construction management page